I’m Obsessed: Bracelets

1 Mar

Let’s talk jewelry. Specifically, bracelets.
I don’t really wear bracelets during the winter, but the higher the temp. goes, the more bangles I end up wearing.

After attempting to look through all the junkstuff on etsy, I hopped over to shopbop for easier shopping. I quickly found several favorites!

My eyes immediately went to the Juliet & Company Gold & Cognac Chains Bracelet

This is the perfect summer bracelet. The rope lends a touch of nautical style, while the mixed metals keep it edgy enough for night time. Plus-you get the look of eight bracelets, while only having to fasten one clasp.

Next in line, Dream Collective’s Braille Bangles

I love the texture of these bracelets. (They remind me more of octopus tentacles than braille, but whatever.) They are pretty small bangles, but I think that’s the beauty of them–you could wear them with anything!

Next up, Julie Roman’s Trindad Beaded Cuff

Seed beads are back in a serious way this summer. This cuff is the perfect accessory for any daytime outfit. It demands attention in a playful way, but is substantial enough that it doesn’t look like you made it at arts and crafts camp.

I’m also a big fan of Gara Danielle’s Chain Link Bracelet

It’s pretty, feminine, dainty and perfect enough to make new acquaintances remember you as the girl with the good taste in jewelry. Enough said.

For my finale,
Gorjana’s everything.

The Camden Hammered Skinny Cuff + Snake Cuff + Snake Skinny Cuff would make the perfect set.

(And don’t even get me started on this ring.)


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