Obsessed: Fancy Skirts

23 Oct

I never know how to dress when the weather starts to change. So this morning, like many others, I rolled out of bed and pulled up Style Caster. (If you don’t use it, you should! It gives you the forecast and gives you three outfit examples of how to dress for the weather.) This morning Style Caster showed me the cutest skirt. It was black, kind of short, and had gold polka dots. (Polka dots are really big this fall. Yesterday it was finally cold enough for me to bust out my polka dotted pantyhose!) Anyway–all day I’ve been obsessing over fancy skirts! You can dress it up with heels and pretty jewelry, or you can dress down with a tee shirt and flats.
Here are a few of my favorites:
Aqua’s Luxe Feather Skirt

$178 from Bloomingdales

Milly’s Palliette-Trimmed Mini

$235 from Saks

Zara’s Sequin Skirt

$49.90 from Zara

Ps-How Cher is this skirt?


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