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12 Apr

Yet again, I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon. This happens several times a year and I decide that my blog is embarrassing and I don’t touch it for months on end. But I’ve decided to pick my blog off the shelf and blow the dust off because there are so much exciting things going on right now and I’d love to share them with all six of you that know my blog even still exists.

Let’s talk about Paris.

our hotel overlooked the Tuileries and Place Vendome

I knew I was going to love Paris, but I didn’t know I was going to want to relocate my entire life there. It has got to be one of the greatest places on Earth. (Is Earth supposed to be capitalized?) Everything there is SO overwhelming–but in the best way possible.

The first thing we did was take a stroll through the Tuileries and walked through the courtyard of the Louvre up to the Ponts des Arts on the Seine.  This is a really special bridge.  Couples inscribe padlocks, latch them onto the bridge and throw the key over.  Sam surprised me with an extra special lock.

We’re engaged!

excuse the iphone picture quality.

We went to Bar 228 at Le Meurice  for drinks to celebrate! (Me and Beyonce both like their peach Bellini.)

Tip #1–Feet:
Buy the cutest pair of sneakers you can find. You are going to walk NONSTOP and your feet are going to hurt like a ______. On the 4th day I finally gave in and made a stop at the Nike store to buy some.

Tip #2–Transportation:
Take the metro if you are going to the outskirts of town, and the taxi (it’s cheap) if you are going out for dinner or drinks. Will help with Tip #1.

Tip #3–Food:
Go eat at Le Grand Colbert. It was hands down the best meal we had in Paris. The end of Something’s Gotta Give (one of my favorites) was filmed there. Order escargot and the 7 hour braised beef  (and wine, duh). Finish it off with the Rum Baba.  Trust me.

Also make a stop for dinner at Le Relais L’Entrecote in Saint Germain.  They only serve Steak Frites! I don’t even like steak and I ate every bit of it!

Go to Charlie Buns in Saint Honore Square if you like hamburgers, which I do.

Lastly eat as many profiterals and macarons as you can stand. When you walk 8 hours a day, you totally deserve it!

Tip #4–shopping:
I don’t understand the fuss about Champs-Elysees.  It was no different than going to the nearest mall. However, the shopping in the 1st is unlike any other. Definitely go to Colette. It’s the coolest store I’ve ever been in.

On the Il Saint Louis, there is the most beautiful Indian saree shop, Bamyan. I picked up the most gorgeous scarf I’ve ever seen. I wish I’d taken a picture in there. The silks and the colors were amazing. (Also on the Il Saint Louis–Berthillon ice cream shop. You will now consider Il Saint Louis the Il Ice Cream.)

On our way to the Il Ice Cream

Shakespeare and Company is quite the gem. It was frequented by Ernest Hemingway and many others! (Ps- go hunt out as many of Ernest’s old spots as you have time to! So interesting!)

The bookstore has been around  since 1919 and is still open today! The upstairs is a sitting room with lots of old books for reading (not buying) and the downstairs sells new releases (all in English.) Next door hosts all kinds of first editions! They stamp all your purchases with the official Shakespeare and Company stamp!

YOU MUST MUST MUST GO TO DEYROLLE. I cannot say that enough times. It’s the most unique place I’ve ever been in.

Taxidermy is quite the art in Paris. If I had an extra $60,000, you better believe I would’ve brought a zebra home with me. They didn’t allow pictures, so we had to sneak the ones we got! They even had a room full of bugs–and if you didn’t already know this–I LOVE bugs.

Tip #5–sight seeing:
If you go up the Eiffel Tower, I highly recommend taking Xanax. If you are lucky, you will encounter a class of tiny French children.

You can and will spend lots of time in Museums. My favorite was the Orangerie. They wouldn’t let me take photos inside, but it houses the most beautiful of Monet’s Water Lilies.
At the Louvre, I suggest spending most of your time looking at the Egyptian artifacts. It was so interesting to see all the hieroglyphs.  It really makes you wonder what story was so important that they wanted to take THAT much time to chisel it out in stone.

(Go see the Louvre at night too!)

Musee d’Orsay is a pretty spectacular museum. It use to be a train station. It’s the setting for the movie Hugo.

Notre Dame was UNBELIEVABLE.

If it’s pretty, spend an entire day out at Versailles.

The inside is so grand.

We spent the most of our time roaming around Le Petit Trianon.

Other than that, Just stroll through the neighborhoods.